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I have a question. When was the last time you made a significant decision about the future of your business based on your gut reaction to new information presented to you? Too often, we are forced to do things long before we are ready or even understand our options. The world of digital conformance is critical for government websites. It can be financially dangerous for you if you have a thriving online business presence. It is not a matter of if someone finds you and you pay the price anymore. It’s a matter of when.

Don’t waste your time and resources looking for compliance and conformance in this age of “Digital Accessibility.” You may have seen little icons popping up on web pages or even see web applications operating at a new level called “accessibility mode.” Do the letters WCAG, ADA, AODA, the number 508, or the combination W3C mean anything to you? If you have any digital presence public-facing, everyone should have access. It’s not only the right thing to do, but it’s profitable to you, and it is the law. COBID Certified 13195 DBE, MBE, ESB

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