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I have spent more than two decades doing one thing very well. I listen to people’s problems, I make sure I understand the problem, then I take that understanding and ensure that I find a solution that matches the problem presented. Something that I have noticed through both professional experience and completion of my International Business Master’s Degree, is that your desire for a solution matching your problem is what you want. What you do not want is an over-the-top, out-of-touch vendor, or vendor rep that is sure you will love their product if the pitch is right. 

“Non-Conformance and Non-Compliance that is coming your way.”

You will hear terms like WCAG, ADA, Sec 508, Digital Accessibility, Certification, etc. And depending on which vendor you contact first the solution you buy may very well be based on what your budget can handle not what solution is best for your organization. This is where I come in to help educate you and represent your interest in all negotiations.

Your goal is to run your business. Your desire is to make money, not lose time, money, or customers because you are stuck researching and negotiating the areas that are critical to your business but are not part of your daily focus.

I think about your business operations every day. Although I do believe through trial and error you will figure it out on your own, can you afford the waste of time, money, and energy being sold to by each vendor promising you the best solution? Can you be okay with a bad customer review, marginal Customer Service, or a single vendor/product solution?

Contact me for a “free initial” consultation. I am a “Vendor Neutral” and an “Uncommon Sense Business Solution” that fits your business.

I have managed compliance and testing projects for Iovate, Sagent Lending, Walmart Pet Rx, Cleto Reyes, Milani Cosmetics, Yamaha, Richardson Wealth, Encompass, SoftSim/Technologies/Canadian Government.

I’ve helped clients of every size. No project too small.

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