Intention and Earning the Right

When the Connection request is more than that

LinkedIn LinkedIn Connection Request

Hi Martin,

Interested in what you do and thought I'd send you a quick connection request.

Hope that's okay!

Martin Gaiter (he, him, his) sent the following message at 2:01 PM

Martin Gaiter (he, him, his)  2:01 PM
Sure lets connect
LinkedIn Connection Request

So there you are doing your work, and out of nowhere, it happens. “The connection request on LinkedIn. You have been trying to build your professional network, so this alert is exciting at first, but then you remember the amount of sales pitch connection requests you have had to deny politely. But you take a look at this one, and it is different. The person on the other side of the request appears to have actually looked over your profile. They maybe have even visited your website. You can tell just by the wording of the connection request. So you take the leap of faith and connect to them. Only to be slapped in the face by a laser-like sales pitch punch to the gut. To quote the “Talking Heads,” “Well, How did we get here?” That is exactly how I felt.

LinkedIn LinkedIn Connection Request

Hi Martin,

Have you ever hired a Virtual Assistant?

I'm a partner at a social enterprise that connects talented remote professionals from countries in crisis (e.g. Venezuela, the Congo, Zimbabwe) with companies and entrepreneurs who can give them quality work and help to prevent them from becoming refugees.

Our team can do things like social media, customer service, telemarketing, lead gen, data entry, and a million other things.

Would you be interested in seeing the bios of a few workers on our team? :)

Martin Gaiter (he, him, his) sent the following messages at 9:49 AM

Martin Gaiter (he, him, his)  9:49 AM
No, thanks
LinkedIn Connection Request

This type of connection request happens to me from time to time. This time I took time to deal with it. It comes down to two things when you network. Having “True Intention” and “Earning the Right to Advance.”

  • Having True Intention – This is the plan, the secret sauce, or better yet “THEY WHY” behind the contact. Why are you wanting to really connect to someone. As a Digital Accessibility Consultant, what makes me uncommon is I really want to find out what you need and what you know first. Then I want to help you find what you need. My true intention is to know as much about you and your needs so I can go on the hunt.
  • Earning the Right to Advanace – Once I have honored my commitments from my first contact, and every subsequent contact, I ask the simple question. ” Is it okay to continue?” But I can’s asked that question before I finish the task at hand.
LinkedIn LinkedIn Connection Request

Martin Gaiter (he, him, his)  9:55 AM
I am disappointed I assumed this was a connection request as stated, not a sales pitch? In your initial connection request, you said, "I am interested in what you do." but you started this interaction with a pitch for your services. One of the basics in any sales process is to find out what the person does to see if there is even a need for your services and build a relationship. That way, if there is no need, this could lead to a referral to someone they may know who needs your services. I hope you take my advice moving forward and maybe build some great contacts through LinkedIn.
LinkedIn Connection Request

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