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USBS Cloud Consulting LLC – Protecting governmental and non-governmental agencies, managing vendors, avoid lawsuits, and increasing business by 25%. By making sure their website is Digitally Accessible to everyone, especially those with disabilities

Digital Accessibility, Compliance, and Conformance is not understood and becomes a liability for both Government and non Governmental Organizations.

We offer a unique educational first step to Digital Accessibility, Conformance, and Compliance, through education, presentation, and consultation by taking a look at where the client is and then present customized options.

The next big step is vendor management and relationships. Since my role is to live in the space of accessibility testing, compliance, conformance, and certification I am your representative in the room to find the right relationship with the right vendor that matches your needs. If web development is something that is required on top of manual testing and remediation of your website, I work with only those technicians that are both skilled and qualified to do the work to ensure you don’t have to find another source once I have paired you with them

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