Vendor Relationship Management

Image represents the frustration of dealing vendor relationship management on your own

You need a vendor solution, you don’t need the headaches that come with multiple contacts. I am your vendor relationship management solution.

1 – You just opened your email and there is a notice of a demand letter stating your website is now part of a “Class Action” Lawsuit because one of the multiple elements that make up your website is apparently in violation of the W3C Web Accessibility Guidelines, better known as WCAG. and if you do not respond in a timely manner you face astronomical fines that could affect your business.

2 – You are a government agency and you realize that your website is not fully accessible. And you just found out that there was a mandate that digital conformance is critical to your ongoing operations.

3 – You just did an internet search for a vendor that can help manually test and certify your website so you can not be targeted now or in the future.

Have your interest represented first

Our Service (Our Difference)

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There are plenty of vendors in the market that will ensure that your digital footprint is manually scanned and noted for violations and advise you on the changes that need to be made. My goal is to help you manage those relationships by being your representative in the room. While you continue on with your day-to-day. I represent your organization’s interest and project manage the process to ensure that you have plenty of options and are informed enough to make the right decision you need to make for your organization.

Should it be with the Vendor on an annual basis or do you do it on your own?

Customized Dedicated Consultation and solutions based on your digital situation.

You get a customized consultation and contracted relationship that includes…

  • Dedicated Consultant representing your organization from search to negotiation through project management to completion of project with vendors.
  • Bi weekly Scans with detailed and high level reports to illustrate progress until completion
  • Concurrent yearly relationship option.
  • Priority service (within 24 hours of contact 7 days a week)

dedicated resource representing you and your interest.

Vendor Relationship Management Packages

Standard Month to Month – Max 6 Full Consulting hours per week, unlimited email and phone response

Custom Month to Month – Max 8 Full Consulting hours per week, unlimited email and phone response

Custom 3 months min to 6 Months – Max 12 full hours Consulting per week, unlimited email and phone response. Forecasting provided on other upcoming projects.

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