Who Am I? The Identity Statement

This is “Why” Make me who I am

Good Day! As my life is taking on a new shape and direction (more on that later) I thought I would do something I have never done before. Give you and those that have not been blocked for being mean, the FULL Marti! This is a Hybrid idea I borrowed from my good friend Aunia Kahn. And I thank you as I get ready for the next CHALLENGING AND EXCITING CHAPTER


Who am I?
• My Name is Martin Gaiter
• aka Marti
• aka Marti Gee

What is my origin story?
• I am the youngest of 4 children
• I was not a planned birth
• I was not conceived in Love
• I am a survivor of mental, physical, and sexual abuse at the hands of my siblings.
• I have a mother who is impossible to please but expects me to try.
• I successfully reversed a vasectomy to marry, have a child, then divorce, then pushed out of my daughter’s life
• I have made a fortune and had it taken away from me.
• I have endured micro-aggression, Passive aggressive/dismissive behavior, and racism in my professional and personal life. (More Here in the PNW than anywhere else I have ever been. )
• I have been accused, punished, then vindicated on offenses I had not committed.
• I have been told more times than I can count that “I can’t, I won’t, or I am not.”
• One year after getting the job of a lifetime, my marriage ended, and the Pharma Career of a lifetime ended the next month.
• I settled a discrimination case after repeatedly being passed over for promotion after outperforming my position and being the only African American man in a company of more than 200 employees. I went back to work and took a week’s vacation. I returned to a changed job description that made it impossible for me to earn a living. So I left.

Where did that lead me?
• I am a United States Air Force Security Police Veteran
• I have performed Presidential Security Detail for George Bush #1
• I represented my Air Base on the Wing Color Guard while serving in Europe
• I finished college a year ahead of schedule.
• I have my MBA in Global Management
• I interned in TV NEWs, learned PROMOTION and Sales , then grew into a Major Market Emmy award-winning creative producer
• I moved to national advertising sales and regularly won sales contests.
• In My first year as a Pharma Representative, I won “Rookie of the Year” and was appointed to the Field Advisory Committee to the West Coast Area Business Director. (then laid off one month after divorce woo hoo the timing LOL)😎
• Was awarded consistently for performance while working inside sales
• Developed proprietary closing and retention strategies that kept me at the top of the Sales and the “Save the Sale” team (sales to be canceled). By the way, same company; I settled out of court for Discrimination. So they more than made their money back. lol
• And finally, to the last over a decade in OREGON, aside from the intellectual and emotional investment I have left behind in three start-ups, two corporations, and a second family, I have endured more wins in the last three years professionally. The rest has yet to be told. I am digging deep to keep my foot on the pedal.

And I thank you for being the gas on this journey with me.
With your Friendship and support these last two years
– Vice Chair Strategic Planning Committee of LTD
– Steering Committee for “Leadership Eugene/Springfield”- Steering Committee Contractors Alliance for Diversity and Equity
– Oregon Broadband Advisory Council Member – Rep for Disadvantaged Communities
– Springfield Chamber Economic Development Committee

Superpowers – Conflict Management, Interpersonal Communication, Team Building, Organizational Structure, and Management, Digital Accessibility ADA/WCAG SHERPA, Thought Leader for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Strategies, MC – DJ Fun Director, Multi Message Motivational Speaker

I am Ben Gaiter’s youngest son! And something he did was ensure he helped as many people as he could. It’s in my name and my DNA, no matter the obstacle. Nice to meet you. Who are you?

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